The Costs of Preparation and Delivery of Td Vaccine to 7-Year-Old Children in Vietnam

Presenter: Hoang Van Minh

Twitter: ThinkWellGlobal

Co-authors: Vu Quynh Mai, Carl Schutte

Poster file: [download]
Since Vietnam has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus since 2005, the National EPI is likely to follow WHO recommendations to cease delivery of TT vaccine and replace with a booster Td vaccine. This study estimates the budget impact of future cessation of TT vaccination for women of childbearing age (CBAW) and introduction of Td vaccination for 7-year-olds using three delivery strategies. The poster outlines the methods for estimating the budget impact of the replacement, based on both retrospective and prospective ingredients-based costing from a public health care provider perspective. Retrospective costing was done of the delivery of TT for CBAW and Td for diphtheria outbreak control, while prospective costing was done of the replacement (complete cessation of TT vaccination for CBAW, routine implementation of Td vaccination for 7-year-olds at health faiclities, outreach sites and schools, and outbreak control campaigns for Td during a transition period). The budget impact (2018-2025) is based on the assumption that TT for CBAW would be expected to cost $22.2 million based on the retrospective costing. Replacement of Td would mean a savings of $3.2-$7.1 million, with greatest savings achieved using school-based delivery.