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Systematic Review Findings on the Cost of Delivering Vaccines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Unit Cost Catalogue and Cost Ranges

Presenter: Kelsey Vaughan

Twitter: '@ThinkWellGlobal

Co-authors: Michaela Mallow, Annette Ozaltin, Logan Brenzel

Poster file: [download]
Immunization programs that deliver for all require sustainable and predictable financing to achieve equitable, high-quality coverage of life-saving vaccines. However, use of cost evidence for budgeting, planning, and decision making is challenging. Cost data are fragmented, of variable quality, and can be difficult to translate for policy purposes. This poster outlines the methods and results from a systematic review of immunization delivery costing studies in low- and middle-income countries. The poster provides an overview of findings from the systematic review, which are housed in an online unit cost database data, and some of the cost ranges developed from comparable unit costs. We note that there is high variability in unit costs, even in comparable settings; some variation may be due to differences in study methodologies and reporting. Finally, cost ranges can inform planning and policymaking, but should be used with caution given their width and the few unit costs used in their development.