The Costs of Delivering Vaccines in High Coverage Areas in Indonesia Using Different Delivery Strategies

Presenter: Amila Megraini

Twitter: ThinkWellGlobal

Co-authors: Soewarta Kosen, Nugroho Soeharno, Wirda Syari, Mardiati Nadjiib, Ratna Budi Hapsari, Hashta Meyta, Carl Schutte, Kelsey Vaughan

Poster file: [download]
Accessible, evidence-based, and accurate information on the cost of delivering vaccines is critical to ensure autonomous local governments in Indonesia have sufficient financial resources to deliver vaccines. We sought to estimate the district/city-level costs incurred for immunization delivery using three delivery strategies (facility-based, outreach and schools) in four high-coverage districts/cities using a retrospective, full financial costing study design. We present findings on cost drivers, variation in costs between districts/cities and delivery strategies and show that unit costs are inversely correlated with delivery volumes. Although the sample isn’t large enough to be nationally representative, findings can inform budgeting and planning in districts/cities which have similar characteristics to the four selected.