Innovative solutions to exchange information on immunization economics: nurturing an effective forum (Christian Suharlim, Grace Chee)

Results of community forum available for download with pre-congress report (

Christian Suharlim (@chrissuharlim) is  a Research Associate at the Harvard Center for Health Decision Science (@HarvardChanSPH @decisionscience) and the Director of Public Affairs for the Immunization Economics global collaborative (@immeconomics). The global collaborative has convened a community of practice of over 1,100 individuals from over 250 organizations who are interested in the production and use of Immunization Economics information. 

Grace Chee ( is a health economist with over 20 years of experience in health systems strengthening, health financing, costing analysis, and evaluation of global health programs. She leads the team from Results for Development (@Results4Dev) that coordinates the Learning Network for Countries in Transition (@Gavi_LNCT), which brings countries transitioning away from Gavi support together with peers and technical experts to address challenges that could impede a successful transition.