Community resource: costing methodology, practical guidance (Stephen Resch, Laura Boonstoppel, Ann Levin, Sarah Pallas)

Stephen Resch ( is the Deputy Director of the Center for Health Decision Science at Harvard (@HarvardChanSPH @decisionscience). He has conducted health economic research on a wide range of topics from maternal health interventions, WHO’s Safe Childbirth Checklist, and PAHO’s ProVac Initiative. He leads the Expanded Program on Immunization Costing (EPIC) project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Laura Boonstoppel ( is an economist focused on health financing and immunization financing. Her expertise includes costing, resource mapping, fiscal space analysis, and developing forecasting models. At ThinkWell (@ThinkwellGlobal), she currently leads ICAN’s work on campaign costing, and has worked on strategic purchasing assessments, allocative efficiency studies, health labor market analyses, and other health financing studies.

Ann Levin ( is a Health Economist with 25 years of experience conducting economic analyses and modelling in the areas of health and health sector reform in low and middle-income countries. She has a PhD in Health Economics from Johns Hopkins University and has extensive experience working in developing countries. Levin has developed several tools for conducting cost projections of introduction of new vaccines.  

Sarah Pallas is an economist in the CDC’s Global Immunization Division (@CDCGlobal), where she conducts economic evaluations of immunization interventions and provides technical guidance on economics, finance, and budgeting for global immunization programs. She previously worked on implementation, evaluation, and expenditure tracking for HIV/AIDS programs, and has published research on donor proliferation in development assistance for health, scaling up health interventions, and improving health service delivery performance. She holds a PhD in Health Policy and Management from Yale, an MPhil from Cambridge, and a BA from Harvard.