The broader societal and economical impact of vaccination: framework, methodology, and quantification (David Bloom, JP Sevilla, Maddalena Ferranna)

David Bloom (@davidebloom) is Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography at Harvard. His work focuses on health, demography, education, and labor. He has written extensively on education in developing countries and on the links among health status, population dynamics, and economic growth. Dr. Bloom has published over 300 articles, book chapters, and books.

JP Sevilla ( earned a Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard University, and a J.D. from George Mason University. He is a Research Associate at Harvard  (@HarvardChanSPH @GHP_HarvardChan) and a Senior Economist at Data for Decisions. His expertise is in the economic and normative aspects of global health, cost- benefit analysis and public sector priority-setting, law and economics, and applied econometrics and microeconomics. 

Maddalena Ferranna ( is a research fellow at Harvard (@HarvardChanSPH @GHP_HarvardChan). Her research and teaching interests include Economics of Risk and Uncertainty, Environmental Economics and Welfare Economics. She is interested in the impact of risk on public decision making, by taking into account incomplete markets, sustainability and fairness, and different representations of risk preferences.