Refresher workshop: Economic analysis for immunization programs (Bill Padula, Shreena Malaviya)

Bill Padula (@DrWmPadula) is Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical and Health Economic at the University of Southern California (@SchaefferCenter @USC). He has taught economic evaluation modeling curriculum extensively throughout the U.S. and globally. In 2017, he and colleagues collaborated with the Maryland Attorney General to pass bipartisan Maryland State legislation to restrict price hikes on generic pharmaceuticals.

Shreena Malaviya (@sheens93) is a health economist with a strong focus towards decision modeling and simulation, global health, health financing and policy. She manages the Teaching Vaccine Economics Everywhere project (@TVEE4) aimed to develop the skill set of mid-career policymakers and researchers in South Africa, Uganda, India, and Pakistan. She holds an MSc in Health Economics from JHSPH, and a BS from McGill University