Country and stakeholder engagement in data work and interpretation (Annette Ozaltin, Maryam Huda, Arthorn Riewpaiboon, Anthony Ssebagereka, Gatien de Broucker)

Annette Ozaltin ( is a Health Financing Director at ThinkWell (@ThinkWellGlobal) leading the Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) project, focused on building country capacity to generate and use evidence on the cost of delivering vaccines. She works to develop innovative solutions to health systems and financing challenges.

Maryam Huda (@Maryam_huda67) is a Senior Instructor at the Aga Khan University (AKU), Karachi, Pakistan, and the Director Urban Health program, a community-campus partnership and stakeholder collaborative operating in disadvantaged squatter settlements (@AKUGlobal). Her recent works include Vaccine economics and financing and mHealth. She holds an MBBS and a Masters in Health Policy and Management from AKU

Arthorn Riewpaiboon ( is an associate professor at the Division of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand. (@mupharm) He wrote a chapter of Measuring Cost in the Thai National HTA Guidelines and developed the standard cost lists for HTA. He is an experienced consultant for the International Vaccine Institute and WHO working in more than 10 countries in Asia and Africa.

Anthony Ssebagereka (@ssebagereka) is a research associate at the Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development (@HEPS-Uganda) and was a research fellow at Makerere University co-investigating the DOVE Cost of illness study (@MakHPPM @MakSPH). He holds a Master’s of Health Service Research from Makerere University and a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Mbarara University

Gatien de Broucker (@g_debroucker) is a field health economist at IVAC (@IVACtweets @JohnsHopkinsIH). He cares about the sustainable development of universal health coverage, integrating evidence and community engagement in program and project management in local health systems and in the humanitarian effort globally.