Improving the availability of immunization economics data for further use (Kelsey Vaughan, Inge van der Putten, Allison Portnoy, Bryan Patenaude)

Kelsey Vaughan (@kelseyvaughan @ThinkwellGlobal) is a health economist with over ten years of public health experience in government, universities, research institutions and private consultancies in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Ms. Vaughan is the costing lead for the Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) project, including a systematic review on the costs of delivering vaccines in LMICs and 4 country costing studies.

Inge van der Putten ( is an assistant professor at Maastricht University (@MaastrichtU). Her recent work includes identification, prioritization, and evaluation of the broader impact of immunization beyond immediate health gains and cost savings; as well as looking into societal perspectives in economic analyses. She holds a PhD, MSc in Global Health and Health Policy,  and a BA from Maastricht University. 

Allison Portnoy ( is a doctoral student at Harvard University (@HarvardChanSPH @GHP_HarvardChan). Her research focus is on costing and evaluating vaccine delivery strategies in LMICs using modeling analyses. Prior to joining Harvard, Allison was a research associate at the International Vaccine Access Center at Johns Hopkins. She holds an MSPH from Johns Hopkins and a BA from Stanford University.

Bryan Patenaude ( is an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University (@IVACtweets @JohnsHopkinsIH). His research interests include health system strength, sustainability, and efficiency in LMIC, and the medium and long-term impact of health investments on non-health sectors. Previously a senior economist at the USAID, he has a wealth of background experience working on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.