This catalogue includes tools and products to help you dig deeper and interpret the variation and the drivers of delivery costs across a variety of country contexts and delivery strategies for different vaccine schedules and for new vaccine introduction.


Increasing the visibility, availability, understanding, and use of evidence on the cost of delivering vaccines.

Over the last two decades, great strides have been made in expanding the coverage of routine and new vaccines, in part through better understanding the cost of delivering vaccines. As new vaccines are introduced and immunization programs are increasingly funded by domestic sources, accurate understanding of immunization delivery costs (IDC) is key. However, immunization cost data are often fragmented, of variable quality, and/or difficult to access and use by policymakers, program planners, and other global and country-level stakeholders. 

To achieve equitable, high-quality coverage and ensure efficient use of country and donor resources, IDC evidence must not only be available, but understood and used in country decision-making processes in addition to guiding fundraising and advocacy efforts and informing routine planning and budgeting. As more countries transition to self-financed immunization delivery, the use of cost evidence will become essential to ensure mobilization of adequate resources to meet coverage goals and manage the introduction of new vaccines in a way that does not detract from overall immunization coverage objectives. 

Under the Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ThinkWell compiled and analyzed the current evidence base on immunization delivery costs through a 2017 systematic review (link to publication or summary page) of the published literature and selected grey literature from 2005-2016. This Unit Cost Repository (UCR) presents the results of that review, standardized in order to ensure comparability across studies and settings, and is intended to support country national and sub-national planners, policymakers, researchers and international partners in planning, budgeting, advocacy, research and other related efforts.


2018, Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN), ThinkWell, LLC