Seeking grey literature on vaccine delivery costs

Dear members of the EPIC Community of Practice,

ThinkWell and John Snow, Inc. (JSI) kicked off a 3-year project in September 2016 – the Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) – which is an exciting complement to the EPIC costing and financing project. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ICAN aims to increase the visibility, availability, understanding, and use of evidence on the cost of delivering immunization services. Our partners, The University of Indonesia, Ifakara Health Institute, and Hanoi University of Public Health, will lead costing studies to generate evidence addressing key policy questions in Indonesia, Tanzania, and Vietnam, respectively, and will collaborate with immunization managers and policymakers to translate and use the evidence in planning, budgeting, and other decision-making processes. All project partners will join together in a learning collaborative to facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge production and dissemination. Please continue to watch this web space in the coming months for updates on the country research progress!

At the global level, we are embarking on a cutting edge research and analytics effort and we’d like to ask for your contribution! We are conducting a systematic review of the published and grey literature on the non-vaccine delivery costs of immunization programs in low- and middle-income countries. See our protocol details in PROSPERO for more information.

From you, we ask: Do you know of any grey literature that could feed into our systematic review of immunization delivery costs? Grey literature could include in progress or unpublished research studies, country reports and meeting/conference presentations, among others, written in English, French or Spanish and developed between 1994 and 2017. Please submit any grey literature to us by 31 March 2017 using the link to our secure file sharing site, Egnyte,

For you, we expect to deliver:

  1. A user-friendly unit cost data repository which will grant access to immunization delivery cost evidence you can use. Our repository will be housed on the EPIC website and you’ll be able to slice and dice the data as you please to answer your own cost questions.
  2. A publicly accessible library of the published and grey literature collected through the systematic review so you can easily find the references underlying the data repository.
  3. Companion interpretive products such as how-to guides and webinars to help you navigate the data repository, data visualizations to make quantitative data quickly intuitive, and/or analytical fact sheets and narrative snap-shots to help ensure you have a deeper understanding of cost variations and cost drivers across different contexts.
  4. Unit cost benchmarks which will allow you to see estimates of the costs per dose, per fully immunized child, per infant in the target population, or per capita across different country contexts, delivery strategies, coverage levels, and platforms for different vaccine schedules and for potential new vaccine introductions.
  5. Peer-reviewed papers published in open source journals that report our descriptive, gap, and pooled analyses.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to our systematic review!

Stefan Nachuk, Annette Ozaltin, Juliana Stone and Kelsey Vaughan

The ThinkWell project team 


Please upload grey literature files to our secure file sharing site:

Please visit ThinkWell’s website for more project information.

Please contact Kelsey Vaughan at for questions or alternative means of submission of grey literature. 


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