Immunization Financing in Mozambique

Mozambique has made steady progress in immunization coverage, with DPT3 coverage increasing from around 76 percent in 2011 (MISAU et al. 2013) to 82 percent in 2015 (MISAU et al. 2015). The factors that have contributed to this success include increased political commitment to immunization, increased financial resources from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and other partners, and significant improvements in management and planning capacity within Mozambique’s Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). Improvements in cold chain systems for vaccines have led to increased equitable access to immunization services. While an increase in immunization coverage is commendable, additional efforts are needed to reach the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) target of 90 percent coverage for DPT3 vaccines by 2020.

Analysis of 2015 immunization expenditure data from the Health Accounts (Table 1) provides insight into Mozambique’s financing landscape for immunization and its implications for achieving coverage targets. Health Accounts, produced using the internationally- standardized System of Health Accounts 2011, allows a country to track the amount and flows of money through its health sector in one year. Expenditure data derived from Health Accounts inform health policy and programming in countries around the globe.