Costing study updates from India, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Vietnam





International Vaccine Institute (IVI)
Vittal Mogasale*

Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign costing study in India

Policy Issue and Research Question

What is the cost of delivering the measles-rubella vaccine through campaigns in 2017-2018? 

The costing information may be used by the Government of India (GOI), international agencies, donors and researchers for planning and budgeting of future measles-rubella and other vaccination campaigns.



University of Indonesia
Amila Megraini; Mardiati Nadjib; Nugroho Soeharno; Soewarta Kosen*

Estimating district- and city-level expenditures for immunization delivery costs in high coverage areas using a combination of different delivery strategies in Indonesia

Policy Issue and Research Question

What are the average sub-national immunization delivery costs per fully immunized child (defined as children receiving all doses through Td second dose/fifth grade) incurred by District and City Health Offices associated with achieving high coverage levels for all required antigens and through the use of a combination of different delivery strategies (facility-based, outreach and schools)?

The study findings will help districts allocate appropriate levels of operational costs to support immunization programs.



Ifakara Health Institute
Fatuma Manzi*; Kassimu Tani

Estimating the costs of different vaccine delivery strategies to reach children up to 18 months in rural and urban areas in Tanzania

Policy Issue and Research Question

What is the average district-level funding for immunization of children up to 18 months of age associated with current coverage levels and the current mix of delivery strategies (facility-based, mobile and outreach) in rural and urban areas?

Study findings will help districts budget adequately for immunization programs, particularly for hard-to-reach populations.



Hanoi University of Public Health

Arthorn Riewpaiboon; Dang Thanh Huyen; Duong Thi Hong; Hoang Van MinH*; Nguyen Mai Khanh; Nguyen Minh Hoang; Vu Quynh Mai

The costs of preparation and delivery of Td vaccine to 7-year-old children in Vietnam

Policy Issue and Research Question

What are the costs of switching from delivery of TT vaccine delivery to women of childbearing age to Td vaccination to 7 year old children?   

Study findings will help the national EPI program ensure adequate financial resources are reflected in budgeting and other planning

* Indicates individual is the Principal Investigator



  • Data collection requires flexibility in timing and scheduling.  The respondent workload on the day the interview is scheduled and the organization (or lack thereof) of data registries are two factors that have impacted data collection so far. In some cases, the teams have had to leave the facility with the information request and return the next day once they’ve found the registers (Indonesia, Tanzania).
  • Adaptation of the questionnaire in real time has been necessary as not all facilities measure the same variables in the same way. For example, in Tanzania, some facilities do not pay water bills, and some do. The team has adjusted the questionnaire to specify for the quantity of water used per day or month (Indonesia, Tanzania, and Vietnam).
  • Policy makers need in-depth discussion to understand the importance of the study and how to use findings. Meeting with policy makers along the way helps motivate them to provide inputs, but prior planning and flexibility are required as these stakeholders have busy schedules (India, Tanzania).


Outreach service delivery in Indonesia.


Outreach service delivery in Indonesia.


Facility-based service delivery in Masasi district, Tanzania.


Outreach service delivery in Kilombero district, Tanzania.


Observing the cold chain and interviews at Hanoi Center for Disease Prevention and Control (provincial level – mega city), Vietnam.


Observation and interviews at Commune Health Center Nghia Tan (communal level – mega city), Vietnam.