BactiVac Network Catalyst Funding

The MRC-supported Bacterial Vaccines (BactiVac) Network, hosted at the University of Birmingham and led by Prof Cal MacLennan and Prof Adam Cunningham, was launched in August 2017 and has a vision to facilitate human and animal bacterial vaccine development focusing on low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The community of experts from multiple disciplines provides a forum to work together to overcome the barriers that inhibit the delivery of new vaccines where they are most needed. 

The second round of catalyst funding for pump priming projects was launched on 15 August 2018. Catalyst funding is available to support scientists in bacterial vaccinology to explore new approaches and strategies to advance their vaccines in partnership with LMICs and across the academia/industry divide. Please note that all projects in this round must start by no later than 1 March 2019. Applications close on Sunday 14 October 2018, 12 midnight (GMT) and you can find out more information about the funding available in this call on the website: BactiVac Catalyst Pump Priming Projects                                                                                                           

Membership of the BactiVac Network is a prerequisite when applying for these funds, with at least one member of the partnership being based in the UK (for free membership apply here).The key benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Access to catalyst funding to pump prime projects and facilitate training visits

  • Invitation to annual meetings where registration costs will be subsidised by the network to encourage members to attend. Travel bursaries are also available to facilitate attendance by members based in LMICs.

Should you have any queries, please contact: