Call for Paper: Value in Health

Dear Colleagues:

As you may know, the Editors of Value in Health have recently distributed open Calls for Papers on several key topics in the field of health economics and outcomes research.

Vaccines reflect one of the most effective interventions in prevention. In recent years, the growth in introduction, uptake, and coverage of vaccines has lagged behind or even reversed due to specific trends in societies (eg, vaccine hesitancy, potential distrust in producers, conceived high prices and rumored side effects, etc). As this is a multidimensional problem that requires a broad multidisciplinary approach, Value in Health aims to compile a special collection of papers on the health technology assessment of vaccination strategies to inform decision making, including its effectiveness, safety, cost-effectiveness, population impacts, prioritization, affordability, acceptability and sustainability. This themed section aims to bring together papers on sophisticated models for vaccine health technology assessment -evaluations in national immunization technical advisory groups.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Systematic reviews and conceptual articles on sustainable health technology assessment systems equipped for rapid assessment of vaccines

  • Articles that address important methodological aspects of health economic evaluation and modelling for vaccines in the context of healthcare decision making frameworks

  • Original articles on the cost-effectiveness of infectious disease prevention with vaccines

  • Innovative ways of presenting the clinical and economic value of vaccines and immunization programs from a healthcare and societal perspective (eg, budget optimization, fiscal modelling, option value methods, etc)

Submissions received before January 1, 2020 will have the best chance of being included in this themed section in Value in Health. Final decisions regarding ultimate acceptance rest solely with the Editors.

Authors should submit manuscripts through our web-based tracking system and indicate in the cover letter that it is part of the “Vaccines” themed section.