10 research articles for you to catch up on (Feb 2019)

We identified the following articles related to the economics of immunization. These articles were gathered from the START Center Vaccine Delivery Research Digest resource — up to the latest issue in January 2019

  1. Cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccination in Ghana: Examining impacts from 2012 to 2031

    • A cost-effectiveness analysis of using the TRIVAC model to estimate the impact of rotavirus vaccination as Ghana transitions from low to lower-middle income status.

  2. Re-evaluating the cost and cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccination in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Malawi: A comparison of three rotavirus vaccines

    • An economic impact analysis of Rotarix, ROTAVAC, and ROTASIIL by using three previously conducted studies in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Malawi.

  3. The impact and cost-effectiveness of controlling cholera through the use of oral cholera vaccines in urban Bangladesh: A disease modeling and economic analysis

    • An impact and cost-effectiveness study of two-dose killed whole-cell oral cholera vaccination campaigns over a ten-year period in Dhaka, Bangladesh

  4. Challenges to sustainable immunization systems in Gavi transitioning countries

    • A synthesis of peer-reviewed literature and Gavi documents on the sustainability of immunization programs in countries transitioning from Gavi support.

  5. The Euvichol story - Development and licensure of a safe, effective and affordable oral cholera vaccine through global public private partnerships

    • A narrative review of the International Vaccine Institute’s partnerships with EuBiologicsand other collaborators to enable the development and production of affordable oral cholera vaccines.

  6. Dual-chamber injection device for measles-rubella vaccine: The potential impact of introducing varying sizes of the devices in 3 countries

    • A modeling study that examines the impact of using a measles-rubella dual-chamber injection device on the cold chain compared to 10-dose vials.

  7. The role of National Immunisation Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) in strengthening national vaccine decision-making: A comparative case study of Armenia, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda.

    • A mixed-method case series assessing NITAG implementation in six countries within the themes of functionality, quality of processes and outputs, and integration with national decision-making.

  8. Variation in cost and performance of routine immunisation service delivery in India

    • A large-scale assessment of routine immunization costs in India during the 2013–2014 fiscal year.

  9. The potential effect of improved provision of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in Gavi-eligible countries: a modelling study

    • A cost-effectiveness modeling study assessing the impact of Gavi financing and expanded access of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis.

  10. The need to improve access to rabies post-exposure vaccines: Lessons from Tanzania

    • A study examining rabies exposure and barriers to appropriate post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) administration in Tanzania.