Leveraging Public Financial Management (PFM) for Health

Whilst countries differ in the extent of their public financial management (PFM) challenges, there is increased acceptance that more revenues for health will not help achieve UHC unless well-functioning PFM systems are in place. Against this background, and given the lack of easily accessible, practical knowledge on PFM issues in the health sector, WHO is conducting a six-part webinar series from May to November 2019 on how to reform budgets and make them work better for UHC.

The series aims to enhance technical knowledge and capacity among key sector stakeholders and stimulate peer exchange on the implementation of budget reforms in health. It will consist of six webinars on the following issues:

  1. Introduction - Role of PFM functions and reforms from a health sector perspective

  2. Budget formulation issues in the health sector: key issues for policy makers

  3. Budget execution issues in the health sector: challenges and policy responses

  4. Links between budget reforms and provider payment systems: what is at stake?

  5. Budget accountability: financial transparency and accountability towards sector outputs

  6. Budgeting for health in devolved settings.

Each webinar session will be 70 minutes long, and will include a technical presentation, country illustrations, as well as time for questions and answers. The webinars will be conducted in English, but participants will also be able to pose questions in French. The series is facilitated by ThinkWell.

While open to all interested partied (including donors and civil society), this course is specifically designed for planning units at Ministries of Health and social sector units at Ministries of Finance.

To register, please email: pfmhealth@thinkwell.global