Updated analyses on immunization delivery costs

In May 2018, ThinkWell released findings from a systematic review of the evidence base on immunization delivery costs (IDC) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The review aimed to answer a question frequently asked by global and country immunization stakeholders: What are the unit costs of vaccine delivery across different LMICs and through a variety of delivery strategies? 

The review and a subsequent refresh considered over 15,000 resources published between January 2005 and January 2018 on the topic. Ultimately, the review drew from 61 resources with IDC data on a variety of vaccines, delivery strategies, types of cost analysis, and settings. 

IDCC Refresh 

Have you ever wondered what it costs to deliver the HPV vaccine in schools in Indonesia? Are you looking for evidence on operational costs to inform your country’s immunization program? Have you been searching for the cost of mobile vaccine delivery in Uganda, Peru, or Bangladesh? Our new and improved set of resources has this information and more. Explore it all on our website, www.immunizationeconomics.org/ican

Here you’ll find: 

  • A standardized and richly annotated Immunization Delivery Cost Catalogue (IDCC) of the data extracted. The IDCC (Excel workbook and web tool) presents 410 unit costs (i.e. cost per capita, dose, fully immunized child, full immunization of a vaccine, or person in the target population), all presented in 2016 US dollars for easy referencing and use. 

  • summary report of immunization delivery cost findings. The report describes the spread and scope of the evidence, methods, and resources, including a quality assessment of the resources captured in the systematic review.

  • A set of immunization delivery cost ranges for vaccine delivery through a variety of strategies and in a range of contexts. These estimates of cost per dose and cost per fully immunized child combine four or more comparable unit cost estimates into a single cost range with other descriptive statistics noted.

  • Companion interpretive products (e.g., detailed methodology note and user guides)


Across these resources, we’ve added new data, addressed feedback obtained from user research, and considered new approaches to analyzing the data. The changes are meant to better equip you—whether you’re a policymaker, researcher, or international partner—with evidence to guide country and global immunization and health system policy, planning, advocacy, etc. 


Want to Learn More? 

How-to guides and videos with instructions on using all tools and products are also available at https://immunizationeconomics.org/ican-idcc-instructions/

Call for Grey Literature 

Do you know of any grey literature that could feed into our next refresh of the systematic review? We are looking for in-progress or unpublished research studies, country reports, meeting/conference presentations, among others. We are searching for materials written in English, French or Spanish and developed between January 2005 and today. Please submit materials to us through an email to kvaughan@thinkwell.global


Led by ThinkWell and John Snow, Inc. (JSI), the Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) is a project focused on increasing the visibility, availability, understanding, and use of data on the cost of delivering vaccines. ICAN aims to build country capacity around generation and use of cost information to work towards sustainable and predictable financing for vaccine delivery.