Regional Hubs - Pakistan

Aga Khan University (Department of Community Health Sciences) is the preeminent public health institution in Pakistan.  The department has led national development of primary health care, health systems development and community engagement in public health decision-making.  The department maintains consultative relationships with national and local health policymakers.  

With TVEE, AKU has successfully established the foundation of capacity building in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Phase 2, we will focus on the following main area identified during the policy workshop - (1) Identifying inefficiencies in vaccine delivery chains and calibrating efficient options.

Moving forward AKU will establish itself as a local center of excellence to strengthen in-house capacity for sustainable vaccination financing in Pakistan. 

Priorities for Capacity building in Pakistan’s Vaccine System

On November 26, 2018, AKU organized a round-table policy workshop to summarize the concepts learnt in the previous workshops, and to discuss priority areas for capacity building in vaccine economics in order to begin developing a strategy.

During the workshop, and agenda was developed consisting of 5 research priorities and 5 capacity building priorities for moving towards more effective, efficient and sustainable immunization financing. 

A cross-cutting issue, as also strongly expressed in the workshop, is that despite donor funding there has been little investment in in-house capacity development in Pakistan with reliance on short term reviews and analysis delivered through external consultants. There remain few opportunities for EPI staff and the larger EPI community to gain required skills.