The most comprehensive, current, and standardized global evidence base on the cost of delivering vaccines in low and middle-income countries



In January 2017, ThinkWell completed a systematic review of the current evidence base on immunization delivery costs (IDC), which built upon previous efforts, but took a more comprehensive approach to collecting up-to-date IDC data not restricted to a particular vaccine, delivery strategy, type of cost analysis, or setting. The review aimed to answer a question frequently asked by national and global immunization stakeholders: “What are the unit costs of vaccine delivery across a variety of low- and middle-income country settings and through a variety of delivery strategies?” This review, and subsequent updates, ensures that IDC evidence is globally accessible and easy to interpret. A total of 498 resources from January 2005 to January 2017 were reviewed including published and grey literature. Data from 54 resources were extracted.  

We developed the following tools and products from the systematic review: 

  • A standardized and richly annotated Immunization Delivery Cost Catalogue (IDCC) (Excel workbook and web tool) from the data extracted
  • A set of delivery unit cost estimates
  • Companion interpretive products (e.g., methodology note, summary report)



The Excel IDCC and the IDCC web catalogue each have a number of filter and summary functionalities, as well as advanced view options. Please see the below user guides and videos for instructions and guidance on using all tools and products

There is also a downloadable IDCC Excel tool. See the video below for instructions on use and download


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