ICAN is developing methodological guidance and a costing tool to improve evidence generation on what it costs to conduct an immunization campaign, to ultimately lead to more accurate financial planning and successful campaigns.


Immunization campaigns are increasingly used to improve coverage and decrease morbidity and mortality from vaccine-preventable diseases. Underfunded campaigns can result in low impact and thus are an inefficient use of resources. Accurate financial planning is required to ensure that campaigns achieve coverage targets, but evidence of what it costs to conduct campaigns is limited, somewhat outdated, and varies greatly. The extent to which cost variation is driven by differences in costing study methodologies or campaign operations is not clear. To address this issue, the Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) is developing a standardized methodology accompanied by a costing tool, which will be tested and refined during 3 immunization campaigns in 2019-2020.


ThinkWell is developing an off-the-shelf methodology to estimate the cost of different types of campaigns for a variety of vaccines. ThinkWell is also developing a customizable Excel-based costing tool to serve as a companion to the methodology. The methodology and tool will make it easier to generate evidence on what it costs to conduct a campaign, and ultimately to improve countries’ financial planning processes, as well as donor policies on supporting campaigns. ThinkWell will conduct 3 campaign costing studies in various settings to test and refine the methodology and costing tool, capturing different scenarios for their future application. 


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