Harvard vacancy: Assistant Director of Research

The Department of Global Health and Population (GHP) seeks to improve global health through education, research, and service from a population-based perspective. The 21st century has arrived with a complex set of demographic patterns, disease burdens, and health policies. These create challenges that affect all societies, rich and poor, developed and developing. The department’s approach to these problems combines the analysis of population and health using quantitative and qualitative methods, the investigation of policies that affect health, and a concern with the politics and ethics of health and development.
The Department of Global Health and Population seeks a hard-working, creative self-starter to manage multiple complex research projects. The Assistant Director of Research (AD) position is designed to ensure unified and efficient management of the ongoing research projects in the portfolio of Professor David E. Bloom.

The Bloom Research Team currently consists of eight full-time employees -- four Research Assistants (RAs), one Research Associate, one Visiting Scientist, one Faculty & Program Coordinator, and the Assistant Director of Research, in addition to Professor Bloom. The AD directly supervises the Faculty & Program Coordinator. All other employees, including the AD, report directly to Professor Bloom. Throughout the academic year there are several other individuals with academic affiliations to Prof. Bloom’s portfolio, including students and visiting researchers from other institutions. The AD is responsible for ensuring their paperwork and funding needs are properly addressed within School and University policies and processes.

The Assistant Director of Research will provide strategic, administrative, financial management, and communications support to several research projects; draft and edit reports, presentations, trainings, and teaching cases; assist with the supervision of six or more research and administrative staff, and conduct research in support of Professor Bloom’s portfolio. Specific existing projects in the portfolio of the AD include the Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI) project, to carry out a large, complex, multi-year study of aging in India; the Program on the Global Demography of Aging (PGDA), a P30 Center Grant that funds aging-related pilot research projects; and the Value of Vaccination Research Network (VoVRN), a multi-year effort to fund and encourage new research on the social and economic benefits of vaccination.