iHEA Immunization Economics Poster Presentation

On July 13-14, as part of the Immunization Economics session at the 2019 iHEA biennial world congress in Basel, Switzerland, we will host a poster presentation session to showcase the community’s latest development in research and implementation in the field.

We thank community members who have submitted their abstracts and contents for judging. We received a total of 51 applications representing over 20 countries. Abstracts and materials were blindly judged by a panel of judges consisting of community members from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and an independent expert consultant. With only less than 10% receiving awards, the following five individuals will receive up to $2500 towards travel and accommodation costs to Basel to present their poster: Carol Kamya (Uganda), Pempa Pemba (Bhutan), Krystal Lau (United Kingdom), Ryoko Sato (United States), and Auliya Abdurrohim Suwantika (Indonesia). A full list of poster presenters will be made available closer to the congress date

Example donated by Diana Alatriste (@disadwing)

Example donated by Diana Alatriste (@disadwing)

learn more about the #betterposter design

On behalf of the organizing team, we are proud to announce that we will be teaming up with Mike Morrison at the Michigan State University. Applying his expertise on industrial-organizational psychology, recently Mike published a video of a #betterposter design to facilitate information exchange. This design took the internet by storm - viewed over 100,000 times on Youtube, and received over 2700 retweets and 6700 likes in a matter of days.

Mike has kindly agreed to serve as the lead advisor to the Immunization Economics iHEA poster session. Our poster session will be the first full-conference rollout of the #betterposter design. The audience of the session span from early career to seasoned researchers, EPI managers, policymakers, multinational organizations, and donors. Given the online excitement, we are confident this new design will better connect and inspire our global community to jointly solve the pressing issues surrounding vaccine economics.