The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation financed EPIC--a coordinated set of immunization costing and financing studies in 2012-2014 in six countries (Benin Ghana Uganda Zambia Moldova and Honduras). These phase 1 studies collected data at central, subnational, and facility-level and were notable for their rigor in terms of sample design and comprehensiveness of resource use measurement.

In EPIC phase 2, the team from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in coordination with expert advisory panel carried out the work that extends the work of the individual EPIC country studies by conducting analysis of data pooled from all sites; fostering the community of practice; and assessing opportunities to improve the availability and value of immunization cost and financing information. 

Now in the third phase, the team from Harvard build upon their previous work in the following three major aims

  • Aim 1: Sustain Community of Practice and
  • Aim 2: Estimate marginal cost of immunization program improvements
  • Aim 3: Advance methods for immunization costing research 



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