Teaching Vaccine Economics Everywhere (TVEE)

The Teaching Vaccine Economics project’s focus is on capacity building in applied vaccine economics, cost-effectiveness and finance. The target audience is current decision-makers in EPI programs, NiTAGs and partners in GAVI eligible countries. The project will develop and deploy a curriculum that is customized with examples based on local context.

Johns Hopkins faculty together with local partners will co-develop training material and carry out trainings. Course material will be delivered to participants through ongoing training opportunities at workshops, online, and at related health economics and vaccine conferences. Local partners include vaccine delivery experts and academics from Uganda, South Africa, India, and Pakistan. Various training workshops will be held in these countries during the next two years and bring trainees from around those regions. Some trainees will be offered scholarships for travel and logging expenses.

The first TVEE training will be held July 7-8 of 2017 as a pre-conference session part of the iHEA (International Health Economics Association) conference in Boston, Massachusetts. So far there are 60 participants interested in this first training. The project also plans to create a global network of professionals who apply economic principles to vaccine policymaking. Through these activities, this project seeks to build sustained demand and supply for training opportunities involving the curricular materials and workshops at partner institutions that can cover their costs through fees.


For details please download TVEE project description here, or write to Shreena Malaviya (shreena.malaviya@jhu.edu) or Natalia Alfonso (ynalfonso@jhu.edu).

Image credit: Pixabay